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Νίκος Κοεμτζής 2024

The Last Apology of Nikos Koemtzis
by Vangelis Gettos

Nikos Koemtzis, who went down in history as the man who in 1973 killed three people on the dance floor of the Neraida folk club in Athens, makes a last wish: that he be given the opportunity to tell his story one last time. Not to judges and policemen, but to everyday people.

The audience, through Koemtzi's narration, is invited to a subversive review not only of the murder and what followed, but also of the entire turbulent period in which the life of the anti-hero unfolds: interwar, occupation, resistance, civil war and the subsequent turbulent years, the junta. 

Nikos Koemtzi's Last Apology is the only play to date about the case that shook Greece. Why has this story been made into a film, a song and now a theatrical performance? How is Koemtzi's crime different from modern criminals whose deeds are so quickly forgotten? What is the story of the violence of a crime? Is it only the moment of the heinous act, or does it occur decades earlier and how?

Creative team

Text: Vangelis Gettos
Director: Alexandros Nikolaos Balamotis
Set - costume: Alegia Papageorgiou
Music - sound: Dimitrios Hatzizisis
Lighting design: Lampros Papoulias 
Movement director: Augustinos Koumoulos
Social media: Crazynuts Productions

Photos: Manos Xyrouhakis
Communications Manager: Evangelia Skrobola
Teaser-Trailer: Makis Matsoukas, Konstantinos Kalavrezos, Alexandros Masmanidis Production Company: The Prodigy Theatre Company


Cast: Markos Gettos  


Premiere date 23 September 2024

and every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00


Stathmos Theatre, 55 Victor Hugo Street, Athens, 2105230267

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